September 22, 2005

You've seen movies where the actors take off their clothes.

But would you like to see stills from famous movies where they actors have been digitally removed and only the clothes remain? This is a quiz — in Excel document form: here. See how many of the sixty films you can identify!


Robert R. said...

I'll be the leader in the clubhouse with 43 of 60. Some are very easy, #3, #6, #14, #21, #42, #47 and #48 come to mind, but you've really had to have seen some bad movies to get a few of these. I remembered the visual gag that is #5, but it's relatively obscure. #24 and #60 are also pretty obscure.

Chrees said...

Just a note for those with aggressive filters at work--my access was blocked due to "Adult Content."

Will have to check it out at home. Thanks for the link!

Ann Althouse said...

Chrees: Hilarious! The pictures are all of clothes without people wearing them, the polar opposite of nudity.

michael said...

I can get 43 out of 60. I missed 2 (but I think it will come to me), 4, 10, 11, 12, 14 (which I was sure was a James Bond flick), 17, 18, 44, 45, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57 and 60.

michael said...

Woohoo! I got 14! Who's the biggest geek, now!

LizrdGizrd said...

Well, I got 56 out of 60 (with some help on #56). I missed 12, 15, 57, & 59. Anyone know how to get the answers?

jeff said...

Only 32 of them... and many of the ones I got I haven't seen.

Robert R. said...

A few e-mails and I've sorted out the 60 films. It probably helps that there are only two from before 1982. I can post a key if requested.

LizrdGizrd said...

I'd love the answer key, robert r.

Robert R. said...

Here's the answer key. Shield your eyes if you haven't done the quiz yet.

1. Trading Places
2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
3. Dick Tracy
4. Wayne's World
5. Top Secret
6. Batman Forever
7. Austin Powers in Goldmember
8. An Officer and a Gentleman
9. Footloose
10.Stand By Me
11. Notting Hill
12. About a Boy
13. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
14. Attack of the Clones
15. The Usual Suspects
16. Signs
17. X-Men
18. The Sixth Sense
19. Dirty Dancing
20. Titanic
21. Singin' in the Rain
22. Back to the Future
23. The Big Lebowski
24. The Fifth Element
25. Speed
26. Big
27. Jumanji
28. The Color of Money
29. Pushing Tin
30. The Flintstones
31. Pulp Fiction
32. Ransom
33. Full Metal Jacket
34. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
35. Hellraiser
36. Independece Day
37. E.T.
38. Men in Black
39. Swingers
40. Porky's
41. Shrek
42. The Matrix
43. Grease
44. First Blood
45. The Fast and the Furious
46. The Wedding Singer
47. The Blues Brothers
48. Purple Rain
49. The Waterboy
50. White Men Can't Jump
51. The Full Monty
52. Jackie Brown
53. Zoolander
54. Fellowship of the Ring
55. Sleepy Hollow
56. Godzilla
57. Bridget Jones's Diary
58. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
59. Kingpin
60. Evolution

EddieP said...

I didn't know any of them. Reviewing the list, I had only ever seen 5 of them, and I didn't recognize any of those. I guess movies aren't my thing. My favorite movies are "Nobody's Fool" with Paul Newman and Jessica Tandy, Third Man with Orson Welles, and Bomber's Moon with George Montgomery and Annabella.

Barry said...

See a ton of these quizzes online at They call them "Invisibles". They are also a part of the DVD game, "Scene it?", If I recall correctly.

vbspurs said...

Ahem, I'm not sure if/where I should post this blogpost link of mine, but seeing how it's tangentially related, what the hay:

Gay Havana Film Festival

As the title implies, there's a first ever gay film-week taking place in Castro's Cuba -- but I give a rundown of the history of gay life there.

Just continuing the cinematic theme I had going on at Althouse this weekend. :)


Anna said...

Barry, thanks for the link. Yes, I have some friends that do not have Excel. (One did not know what it was...oh my.)
And I only got 34 out of 60.

vbspurs said...

Hey Anna, before I forget: here is my late reply to your Katharine Hepburn commentary in that old Garbo thread.

Since I was away due to Hurricane Rita, I replied after the "thunder" of the thread was over. :)