September 22, 2005

Coffee and Donuts.

I prefer the spelling "doughnuts," but I'm writing "donuts," because, officially, we call what we do at the Law School "Coffee and Donuts." It's just a little morning session in the faculty library for students to listen to some faculty member talk about something or other, generally some activity aside from the usual Law School duties that the professor engages in. Today, at 8:30, I'm going to talk about blogging .

So, I need to get my act together a little earlier than usual this morning and must cut short this morning's blogging. But I'll be back later.


Eddie said...

It seems like blogging is picking up popularity, even as some people's sole news source. What did you say about it? Was it just an introduction?

LDM said...

Verily thou could'st reference my lovely,lonely verse
its subtle allusions to the trans-fatty acids curse
O! Sugary,longing words of lust n'er terse
Lo!The collusion of flesh and grease, which be'th the worse?
-the Lonely Donut Man (LDM)

Ann Althouse said...

Eddie: It was a pretty free-ranging discussion, but the main purpose of the talk was tying blogging to various media things, like my recent NYT op-ed and some radio shows -- essentially the way a blog can function as a calling card for other media.