September 11, 2005

"You gave me a sense of humor because you are so absurd."

So wrote Spalding Gray, the brilliant monologuist, who (so sadly) killed himself last year:
For 34 years I lived with you and came to love you. I came to you because I loved theater and found theater everywhere I looked. I fled New England and came to Manhattan, that island off the coast of America, where human nature was king and everyone exuded character and had big attitude. You gave me a sense of humor because you are so absurd.


me said...

I was fortunate to see Spalding when he came to Madison in the 90s. His suicide was complex. I'm sure he thought he was doing his loved ones a favor, or he simply could not bear to continue given his health issues.

rgmb said...

I remember many years ago, my guess is around 16 or so, channel surfing and coming across his monologue "Monster in a Box"; I've been a fan ever since. The tragedy of his death is one of generational suicide and depression. It's too bad he couldn't have been the one to break the pattern. But I suppose that shows how deep his depression really was.

His brilliant comedy and wit is missed.