September 19, 2005

Audible Althouse.

Podcast #4 is up now. 26 minutes. Try it!


Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Paul said...

I feel like Dr. Seuess, should I leave my comment over there? Or should I put my comment over here?
I've left them over there but except for #1, I'm the only one. Akin to the feeling of the curtain being yanked opened and being exposed. Commentry loves company.

ploopusgirl said...

Hate to break it to you, Ruth, but Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers are still around nowadays for the kids. Well, at least they were in the 80s and 90s.

Mark Kaplan said...

Shirley Temples are widely available in 2005.

vbspurs said...

Just listened to podcast #4 last night.

I find it wonderful to be hearing how a podcaster finds her way in the medium -- rooting around for a "voice", with her own style, and content, etc.

Right now, your podcasting, Ann, is stream-of-consciousness.

Who knows, maybe it'll always be that way, because I suspect you don't want to do anymore more professional (that polished "studio sound", like Adam Curry's podcasts, is what I mean).

I suspect you like the informality, and ease of sharing your voice-thoughts about your blog.

I do too.

I also think you're a down-to-earth person anyway, who is conscious that many people in your position might take themselves a tad too seriously, and you wish to dispel those ideas about you.

Likes: Loved your family reminisces, although my own dad allowed me an hour of television per day TOTAL (thus imparting "values" to me, I suppose). The Kidsbeer/Shirley Temple allusions were spot on. Loved the train whistle, giving the podcast an enormously atmospheric quality. I felt I was in your attic comp room with you. Also, loved hearing the click-click sound your mouse makes as you read your blog and comment on it. These are all details, but ones which give the podcast a very homey feeling.

Dislikes: Too much bat talk phobia. It's like me sharing my fear and loathing of spiders for 4 minutes. You seemed to want to give your moderate bona fides a little too eagerly, almost as if you're uncomfortable being in the more Conservative side of Blogosphere. Michael Totten has even more "problems" with that side, and you don't resemble him as badly as that. But thought I'd mention it since it looks hesitant and like you're guilty of something.

I'll listen to Number 5 later.