September 19, 2005

Along Lake Mendota.

Yesterday, I walked the length of the path along the southern shore of Lake Mendota. Out near Picnic Point, the lake was a sea of reeds:

Lake path

Ah, there's a patch of water.

Lake path

I liked the look of the eutrophic surface of the lake, with the state capitol building in the distance:

Lake path

The UW campus paradise:

Lake path

But don't let the idyllic scenery fool you. You are living in hell:

Lake path

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers. But... do people understand my last line? Is it too enigmatic? I hate to get out my sledgehammer, but I think a lot people are misreading "You are living in hell." I'm not saying that graffiti makes me realize that Madison is hell! I'm interpreting the mental state of the graffiti writer, whom I disapprove of.


Meade said...

Way to walk the walk, Ann! Nice pics.

(Memo to magic marker monkey: Freedom to deface public property in the U.S.A. isn't so much a crime as it just isn't a widely recognized freedom.)

Dactyl said...

That brings back memories. I don't know how many times I walked or jogged along that path.

My personal favorite Madison graffiti was in the Park St tunnel, under the train tracks. Something-something-something "it's screaming at you!"

Is that still there?

Brian said...

Wisconsin starts a good 150 miles north of Madison.

Three years in the P.R.M. was enough for this boy.

Mack the Knife said...

magic marker monkey, I like that :-)

I suggest magic marker monkey move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, China, or if he/she is really committed, North Korea.

You know, places where real freedom rings. If he/she wants to wimp, well, France awaits.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

MMM needn't travel so far. I'm sure there is a contingent of Eastern Europeans at the University, if he would only seek them out.

I recommend starting with the Romanians.

Dwight said...

I hope to think in my young, immature days I was not as blind. Alas, it probably wasn't completely so.

But then, mistaking the ability to deface public property with freedom has always been a common misinterpretation to most people not funding those public works.

*shrug* It's the man. Man.

stealthlawprof said...

It is the price we pay to have the coolest job in the world in some of the nicest places. Universities attract a lot of folks. Most of the smart ones graduate and move on. The idiots stick around and write graffiti. Some of them write long graffiti and get it published. They have tenure.

I'm Full of Soup said...


Come on - try to be nicer when speaking about Anne.

Ann Althouse said...

And spell my name right.

stealthlawprof said...

Now, now, now. Lest anyone misunderstand me, I certainly do not regard Ann as one of the "idiots". Note I said it is the price we have to pay, i.e., those of us who are the rare rational academics. I certainly include Ann and might be so presumptuous to include myself as well in that group.

Kenny H. said...

If one thinks he or she is living in hell, why not move elsewhere? The option is surely available.

Ann Althouse said...

Kenny: I think you've misread my post. I'm not saying Madison is hell. I'm translating the graffiti.

rico567 said...

These days, we can expect the most excruciatiing conformity to ideology, but irony is rapidly becoming a lost art.

Eddie said...

As per Brian's comments (way above), Amen Brother. Wisconsin also starts 50-150 miles to the East of Madison, as well :)

m11_9 said...

reminds me of the time my wife and I were bicycling in madison west of the monona terrace along the lake. there was a larger dilapidated park over there(5 years ago). saw a BJ(fellatio) being given to a guy standing there looking at the lake, no privacy, some trees, but not a busy park either.

I was a little ahead of my wife, so I just headed off a different way, didn't want her to see that out in the open, not that there's anything wrong with it in private.

ah, madison...