September 10, 2005

Audible Althouse.

That's what I'm calling my little experiment in podcasting. It's just me, no music, and the basic idea is to look back over some of the past week's topics on this blog, with full freedom to digress.

ADDED: It's about 26 minutes long.

MORE: A problem with a podcast is that you can't do updates and make corrections. I see that I quoted this line from a recent blogpost: "It had been widely assumed until recently that human evolution more or less stopped 50,000 years ago." But for some crazy reason I said 500 instead of 50,000. Well, that's a slight discrepancy!


Monty Loree said...

Ann: I'm listening to your podcast.
Congratulations, this is a cool thing.

It'a another great publishing format for getting thoughts and opinions out.

I'm getting a different perspective about you than what I read on your blog.

ploopusgirl said...

I agree with Monty. Though I've been warming to you and your opinions more recently, the sound of your voice is very soothing and makes me appreciate what you have to say even more. I apologize for all the trouble I've ever given you personally. For the most part, I agree with what you have to say, and often I will feel better about my own opinion on something if I come on here and read that you feel the same way. Bring back the podcast!

That being said, I still hate many of your commenters. :)

Monty Loree said...

That's the problem with people.. they all have different opinions!

It's like Steve Martin who said, "It's hard to understand those darn French people, they have a different word for everything!"

I learned about podcasting at the WebMasterWorld conference in New Orleans in June. I have the equipment for podcasting, but haven't gotten around to it. It seems to be the next extension to blogging.

It sounds pretty taxing as you've got to speak at an audible rate for a few minutes and at the same time, keep on track with what you're saying.

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Jim said...

Ann, I would listen to more podcasts. Once a week seems like the right frequency. I was interested that you don't produce the "ahs" and "uhs", with pauses that people like me are doomed to produce. I can see why you are a "professional" speaker as much as any professor is. As an artist, I was interested in your drawings from the Amsterdam notebook.

Meade said...

Nice to hear from your smart, subtle, soothing voice. Look! - even ploopusgirl is purring! More please.

Mark Daniels said...

I left a rather extensive comment at the podcast site and it apparently was lost.

Beth said...

There's something about the voice that print just doesn't capture. I think, to some degree, this accounts for some of the negativity a thread can take on over time, even with commentators who write well. I'm away from my headphones tonight, but I'm looking forward to hearing this tomorrow.

tcd said...


I look forward to your Amsterdam sketches and I liked the doodlings that you posted last year, too. Perhaps this is because I like to sketch also. Most, actually all, of my sketches are of my wire-hair fox terrier, Captain Hastings. Do you have any pets and do you ever sketch them? If you do and do not mind my asking, please post them.

Jeffrey Boulier said...

Professor Althouse:

Thanks, that was enjoyable. I hope you keep it up; it made the laundry folding go much quicker.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks for all the nice comments.

Ted: I have no pets. I have a few drawings here and there of other folks pets, maybe.

Anne said...

Soothing is a good descriptive term, but the word "demure" also came to mind when listening to the podcast, oddly enough.

qandxmstg said...
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