September 10, 2005

At Mother Fool's.

Although the podcast has me saying I'm off to Indie Coffee, it turned out we decided not to go there, because it's close enough to the stadium to make it hard to park on a football Saturday. So we went to Mother Fool's again. They had a new art display. Big paintings. Here's Tonya:

At Mother Fools.

She got there first. When I got there, second, I caught her reading a magazine:

At Mother Fools.


Jonathan said...

Sex, sex, sex! Is that all you law profs think about?


Ruth Anne Adams said...
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ziemer said...

i've been to mother fool's. the people there are very nice and polite to me, although i stick out like a very sore thumb there, and they look at me a little funny when i walk in.

i will make a point of checking out the new art first-hand next time i'm in town.

doubt that i'll pick up the new cosmo issue though.

Ann Althouse said...

Ziemer: There is a range of possible reactions to the news that there 101 sex tips, including: that's way too much work and since I know at most 40 things, I hate to think what all the things I don't know are.

Anne said...

Is she eating ... CHEERIOS?

My kids would love her.

Ann Althouse said...

Anne: I was wondering how long it would take for people to notice the Cheerios. Tonya is so happy because she's experiencing the famous "o" — the Cheerio.