August 7, 2005

"Write me a letter!"

Said Cary Grant fending off Katharine Hepburn in the last scene of "Bringing Up Baby," which John quotes when I remark that it's pretty funny that we keep emailing each other when we're sitting three feet away at side-by-side tables, here at Espresso Royale.


vbspurs said...

In Med School class, I had a set of friends who sat to the back of me, a few rows up the ampitheatre classroom.

Before my laptop got fried, they used to send me AIM IM's with pics of suggestive men in undress, during particularly key moments of lectures, like "This is a pic of me in Ibiza last year", (shot of a Photoshop-enhanced-in-strategic areas Brad Pitt).

The prof would often wonder why in the middle of a description of ear lavages, I would peel out with guffaws.

And oh, my mother calls me on the cellphone -- this despite that she's in the other room in our home and could yell.

But then, yelling isn't for ladies, now is it. Oy.


lindsey said...

Bringing Up Baby is now in the public domain and can be downloaded from the internet. I don't have the site link anymore.

Donna B. said...

Back in the 90s (remember them?) my youngest daughter used to send me messages from her room. We were networked, but sharing dial-up access to the internet wasn't really workable.

So, I'd get these long letters from her on my printer. I really missed them when we finally got broadband.

Ah... the good ole days.