August 7, 2005

I need to see that!

I've loved Lisa Kudrow's great HBO show "The Comeback" from the first minute, but it's been low rated and a lot of people don't seem to get it. Entertainment Weekly defines the stages of coming to terms with the show:
(1) Befuddlement. I thought this was supposed to be a sitcom, and yet I didn't laugh once during the entire pilot episode. What's going on here?

2) Revulsion. Puppy poo in her hair? Give me a break! How much degradation can one character take?

3) Anger. Why is everyone so mean to Valerie? I hate that stinkin' Boyd Duzpauliegsuck!

4) Addiction. Note to self, I don't need to see that! Note to self, I don't need to see that! Note to self, I don't need to see that! Note to self, I don't need to see that!

5) Acceptance. I've got a lump in my throat because they scrapped the ''Aunt Sassy'' episode of Room & Bored and that beaver coat shtick was actually kind of funny. I think I might be a little bit hooked.

6) Adulation. I'm a huge fan of The Comeback and I'm not ashamed to say it anymore! Anyone else out there with me? Anyone?
I'm going to assume HBO is cool enough to keep the show going and give viewers time to get through the stages, but, jeez, what's wrong with people? The brilliance of the show was glaring right at you in the "Well, I got it!" sequence in Episode 1.

And Paulie G is a great villain. Ooh! He's fun to hate!


miklos rosza said...

i tried to watch it twice and it just didn't grab me or my wife. it seemed to be neither fish nor fowl.

as opposed to "curb your enthusiasm" -- where you don't have to LIKE larry gelbart or his wife to savor the uncomfortable moments and situations. gelbart is willing to sacrifice his Q rating (if that's what it's still called).

chuck b. said...

I love the Comeback. I'm sorry to hear it's low-rated, but I'm not surprised. People are talking about My Life on the D List now which I forgot to program. Have you seen it?

Bruce Hayden said...

I tried to watch it, but it made me too uncomfortable. This happens when my empathy comes out for someone in an embarrasing or uncomfortable situation. I can detatch and enjoy violence, but not social embarassment.

Barry "iPod" Johnson said...

miklos rosza wrote: " don't have to LIKE larry gelbart or his wife..."

I think you mean - Larry David.

Larry Gelbart was a M*A*S*H writer.

miklos rosza said...

yes, larry david.

Joan said...

I'm with Bruce. There are lot of programs I simply can't watch because I die of embarrassment for the characters. It's still very difficult for me to watch an entire episode of "I Love Lucy." So I can appreciate what "The Comeback" is accomplishing, but I can't watch it.

katiebakes said...

I just watched The Comeback for the first time ever. Man, was it painful!

Francesca is such a brat, and I felt so bad for Valerie. That being said, it is definitely a fine show with a sophisticated and fresh premise.

But cripes! The poor woman!

Ryan Hatch said...

I'm with you: I love The Comeback. I don't think its painful at all to watch. It's funny, and that is enough. If you don't like The Comeback, then you probably don't like Spinal Tap, or The Office - two other very funny shows that I'm sure some people just don't get.

In fact, I think Friends is painful to watch - to the point of physical illness. At least on The Comeback, Kudrow's character has more than one dimension and can speak in more than one-liners. I can't understand why The Comeback gets low ratings and Friends gets high ratings. What is this world coming to?

miklos rosza said...

by the way lisa kudrow was great in an uncharacteristic role as pornstar john holmes' estranged wife in the film "wonderland" with val kilmer. a different dimension of her personality with some memorable scenes.