August 19, 2005

The ways of the spambot.


UPDATE: Blogger now lets you require commenters to type in those non-font letters to prove your a human being. Just go to settings, the commenting. Sorry to bother everyone with that extra step, but given a weapon against spambots, I'm going to use it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: RLC writes a post saying that his mother just died and the seventh comment is from a spambot. ("Hi, I was just blog surfing and found you and i like your blog! If you like, go see my indianapolis escort related site. You may still find something of interest.") For shame!


Bruce Hayden said...

Got my first one, though not nearly as nice as his. Was happy until I discovered that it was Spam. Oh well.

I realized though that I don't have the personality for a blogger who gets read. Someone diviied the blogosphere into the aggregators and the analyzers, and I am obviously the later. Too much long winded stuff to ever excite anyone else - except for my ex.

Ron said...

bruce: a friend of mine's father said that all analysts are either "clumpers" or "splitters." I think that applies here!

Kathy Herrmann said...

Bloody fricking spammers are why I don't allow anonymous comments on my blog, even though it's what I prefer to do.

I get trackback spam up the wazoo too. Porn and poker sites love my blog. Don't know how much the blog's name (Big Cat Chronicles) has to do with it but my corporate (work) blog has a boring name and little spam so I think a blog's name influences spammers.

One good thing about BlogHarbor, my blog host, is every night it sends spammers to blog hell, although it's a hassle to have to chase them away.

Kathy Herrmann said...

Oh man! I just remembered I used "virgin" in the title of one of my corporate posts as part of a play on words. What do you want to bet the porners find my work blog now?


Granted said...

Oh, heck, we just started getting these on our blogs last week. We don't allow anonymous posts, but it doesn't seem to matter.

I saw the comments, got jazzed. Read them, got ripped. But not as ripped as my co-blogger. I thought I was going to have to call the men in white that have those coats with the extra long sleeves. He went ballistic.

neo-neocon said...

On Blogger, at least, it doesn't help much to block anonymous comments. The spambots are onto that game--many of them are registered with Blogger.

Bruce, BTW, I'm a "she." The apple obscures my face, but not all that much :-).

Jack said...

Comment spam, along with having to deal with attacks by a hate brigade (as Ann recently had to deal with here) prompted me to require approval of all comments.

Since I'm paying for the hosting of my site and not using a free service like Blogger, I think it's a reasonable compromise.

Keith said...

I didn't know blogger added pictures for posting. I'm glad they added it. I just got 7 spam comments last night from a spam-bot on an entry about hurting my toe. Thanks for posting the info - I've got the option turned on for my blogs now.