August 31, 2005

A Ten Commandments monument survives judicial scrutiny.

The Eighth Circuit, applying the newest Supreme Court cases, says yes to a 40-year-old, stone monument in Plattsmouth. Dissenting judges objected to the lack of a "contextualizing presence of other messages or some indicia of historical significance."

I said it last June.
The rule is: old things carved in stone should be left alone.


Romeo Jensen said...

wow ann... ur just a little to the left of my right wing LOL... God Bless -- Romey

Eddie said...

I would tend to second your thoughts Ann. The founding fathers intended for the state not to limit the free practice of religion, not prohibit it at public places. Unless we change our constitution strictly prohibiting it, we must enforce it as intended. My word verification: fztzfht

Goesh said...

pigeons make more use of that stone than people do. I never look at things covered with bird poop.

Ann Althouse said...

I'd be more likely to look at it. Even photograph it if the crap was just so.