August 12, 2005

"Now when I go to a cafe to read the Sunday papers, I take along a Thermos of coffee and a small sandwich."

That's one man's solution report from Iceland, where tipping is not customary.


AJ Lynch said...

In college, I bartended in a neighborhood taproom that did not serve food. So it was common for the drinkers to order takeout from the cheesesteak and pizza shop next door. The bar owner didn't care, he made his money on the drinks.

BUT how the hell does the Iceland cafe make money when they let cheak SOBS like this guy bring in his own food and drinks??

Ann Althouse said...

I don't think the guy is cheap. Just desperate.

Goesh said...

I think cafes in Iceland are very accomodating to people and have very informal atmospheres. I was chatting with a guy the other night from there and he is an exercise fanatic. He said after he would go out and run a few Lapps, he could stop at any cafe and catch his breath, rest and not have to purchase anything.