August 4, 2005

"If I were to rank every book we have in the house in order of current value..."

"... I'm not saying this would be last, but it would be close" -- said John, just now.


Steve Donohue said...

As Glenn Reynolds would say, heh. But I think I have you beat with this one.

At least it was a gift.

James d. said...

Got any old encyclopedias?

PatCA said...

Mine would be Bridget Jones' Diary.

Christopher Althouse said...

Steven: I must point out that your book's current value is $26, whereas Ann's is being sold (or offered, rather) new for $3.50.

vbspurs said...

My parents and I (all heavy readers), have amassed an incredibly big library between us.

But this right here is the book I would least be inclined to run in and save, were our home suddenly engulfed in a fire (touch wood).

I got it as a "Secret Santa" gift from a classmate, because as the gal said, "You're British".

I see Amazon are selling used copies for...a big whopping .57 cents.

P.S.: I got her a free day at the Spa for her then up-coming wedding.


P.P.S.: Heh, as Glenn and Steven would say. I just referenced dollie cut-outs in the "Found" post below, and what did I see when researching the book above? Why this! Cool. I'm sure the Duke gets cross-dressed all the time. As in real life.


Steve Donohue said...

Used, the Hulk Hogan biography I alluded to earlier is being sold for $1.07.

Actually, I find that a bit steep- I can buy copies of Leviathan and other great books for 99 cents on But, in terms of actual "worth" in a Platonic sense, my book would need to be near the bottom.

PatCA said...

Jeez, I didn't even know Hulk Hogan was a real person.