August 4, 2005

Found object of the day.

From a Walmart parking lot.

Hula girl.


Contributors said...

WalMart? So, you are "Hard Right."

I can't believe a WalMart got into Madison. Did they drop it in a parking lot at three in the morning during Spring Break? Or did you drive to a democracy?

SeaKitty said...

you shouldn't be shopping at walmart.

Ann Althouse said...

I needed to buy Tylenol, Advil, a 20 volt halogen bulb, and a spray nozzle for a garden hose. I already knew Target did not have the bulb. Where should I have gone? I dislike going to WalMart, because it's unaesthetic, but what were my choices?

hat said...

seakitty, why not?

Dreth, responding to a minimalist post with a slightly less-so one.

Pancho said...

Found object is obviously the world famous "Hula Girl" car scent freshener owned by every bubba who shops at Wal-Mart.

Incidently I went to college with Alice Walton, Wal-Mart heiress. She was a hot babe way back when...who knew then that she would become the richest woman in America.

vbspurs said...


Unlike Paris Hilton, I've never been to a WalMart, but now I have every intention to.

As for the pic, I'm sure people do the same thing when first they seem a captionless photo of something, which you are supposed to guess what it is.

I thought it could be, alterntively:

1- One of those cut-outs from kiddie-girl fashion books, which I used to have for Barbie and the like (I once saw one for Star Trek characters, and I'm sure many an hour was spent by kids of all sexes, cross-dressing Mr. Spock with Uhura's togs).

2- A party favour from an U of Wisconsin's Hawaiian themed frat party. (Reverse side -- invitation: "BYOB!!")

3- A cheesy car freshener, to go with those tasteful WalMart Hawaiian inspired car seat covers my neighbour parades with around our neighbourhood. Ick.

So I think I won a prize for guessing right (and Pancho too, since it could go a long way to ameloriate the loss in $$ for not asking the WalMart heiress on a date back when).

P.S.: Ann, I can't believe you justified your trip to WalMart. Buck up, woman. Don't let the anti-globalisation posse get to you!


Ann Althouse said...

"She was a hot babe way back when." But could she hula?

I'm surprised people are more interested in WalMart than the hula lady.

Re hula lady: I like the way there's a hinge at the waist so you can position her different ways. I guess if you've really got nothing better to do.

Fred said...

I'm surprised people are more interested in WalMart than the hula lady.

You shouldn't be. If anything will bring out the comments, it's posting about Wal-Mart in a favorable (or even neutral, as you did) way. I'm convinced you could post "I shot and killed a man for the joy of it at Wal-Mart last night" and you'd get comments raking you over the coals for going to Wal-Mart.

Anonymous said...

I think the hinge at the waist is so that when you hang her from your rear windshield, she "hulas".

Not unlike the puppies on the dashboards whose heads bobble.

ploopusgirl said...

I love all the arrogance here! You've never needed something cheap and had a local WalMart that carried it? And insulting the "bubbas" who do shop at WalMart? I wouldn't be too hard on them; they're the reason your president got elected once and again.

Also, Ann: you don't like shopping in a place that lacks aesthetics? You're too wonderful for words; really, I've never encountered a person with a more ridiculous lack of logic in my life. I suppose that when I need a new trash barrel, I should hunt a designer trash barrel boutique so that it's pleasant to walk through, rather than having to be ocularly assaulted when walking into WalMart! How about choosing stores that are filled with quality products, the reason I refuse to buy anything but batteries in WalMart (its lack of quality), not choosing the best looking store.

Your readers rip alleged liberal artists to shreds, and so have you. Sorry to burst your bubble, Ann, but you are the quintessential obnoxious artist.

Freeman Hunt said...

I love all the arrogance here!... And insulting the "bubbas" who do shop at WalMart? I wouldn't be too hard on them; they're the reason your president got elected once and again.

Heh heh. Great unintentional humor. Or was that supposed to be satirical?

Freeman Hunt said...

Your comments about Ann are awfully hateful and unjustified. There's nothing wrong with liking to shop in places with comfortable surroundings. Maybe you're just having a tough day?

Contributors said...

When I lived in Wisconsin there came a time I could no longer bear the thought of entering a Pick-n-Save purely for aesthetic reasons.

I see they've gotten better, but they were depressing. You just felt poor. I mean I was, but I don't need to be reminded. It was Kohls and Sentry from then on.

olivia1 said...

I was never a Walmart shopper until our area got a Super Walmart with the groceries, etc. Well, I felt sure I wasn't going to patronize that either (dread of checkout lines, unwashed masses, all sorts of pseudo elite reasons). Then, one day, I actually stopped in and found myself filling my cart with great buys. The produce was fresh, the seafood had clarity of color, the canned goods were organized and all stacked neatly and everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) was cheaper that at my "regular" supermarkets. Plus the checkout people moved fast and everything was correct in the computer. I was converted to the DARK SIDE and I say now with no apology that I shop at Walmart. Maybe everybody needs to experience on of the new supercenters.

Ann Althouse said...

I don't like utilitarian shopping. Why should I? I usually save up the boring things and try to do a quick shop. I even put off going to the aesthetically nice places like Whole Foods. I never go to the Farmers Market, which lots of people around here see as a major attraction. Some sorts of shopping are entertaining, but certainly not buying light bulbs!

EddieP said...

I'm a Georgia bubba that loves WalMart. Go there at least three times a week! Other choice is KMart which doesn't have the selection, price, or service. I'd have to drive 35 miles to get to a Target.

Yeah, I voted for Bush as did everyone I know, except the artist down the road.