August 17, 2005

Googling and finding this blog first on the list.

Coming up first for this search is a funny traffic builder for this blog. [ADDED: Whoops, this one isn't first, just the top of a page — it's 41st.]

And this and this one surprise me. [ADDED: Actually, only the second one is first. Top of the page error again. Sorry.]

Here's a subject I know nothing about.

This brings people here every day.

And I'm #1 for "popcorn pajama pants," which is a funny thing to be looking for.

I'm #1 for "student protest photos," interestingly.

Strangely, I'm #1 for "this is not a goddess."


Prof Yabut said...

Ann, These peeks into search engine follies are always a lot of fun. I got quite a few smiles from your results. At f/k/a, I've been memorializing my own on our Inadvertant Searchee pages.

One quibble: you're first three listings don't yield #1 results. "Breast size" is #41; the first Sheehan query result is #11, and I can't find Althouse in the top 60 of the second Sheehan inquiry. I think your Research Assistant must have had too much popcorn for lunch.

best wishes,
Prof. Yabut,
a/k/a David Giacalone

downtownlad said...

I'm #1 for "Bombay Flooding"

But I'm #12 for "Real Estate Bubble"

Trust me - I'm an expert on neither.

But I get about 50 hits a day from my pictures of this guy:

Monty Loree said...

Hilarious... I guess it's important to enjoy traffic anyway you can get it. You've got an envious PR7 which helps.

I don't get the same search results, because I'm in Canada. We must have different google databases.

Ron said...

I'm the only link on MSN Search for
"nude mousekeeters"! Yippee!

Monty Loree said...

Hey Ron,

Is that a MSN Whack.. as compared to a googlewhack? That's quite the honor.

Paul said...

Ann. And you wanted to be a law professor. This place is a magnet.

Ron said...

Monty: Vas is MSN Whack? and do I want it?

Obi-Wan said...

I'm quite proud of the fact that, if one googles the phrase "you do not want to be odor," I come up #2.

Of two total hits.

Monty Loree said...
When you do a search for two words that are in the dictionary but only produce one search result on google.

ambidextrous scallywags
fetishized armadillo
inculcating skullduggery

Of course now that the googlewhack website has posted these everybody's going to put them on a website :)

I learned about this when I was at the airport, and was trying to buy an inspirational book on google/SEO. I picked up the book googlewhack thinking that I was going to have a good read about search engine positioning.

Instead it was a book about how a guy chases googlewhack websites around the globe to research his book.

Thus MSNWhack because yours is the only search result.

It's really a cool thing!!

Ron said...

Monty: Well, if I find the writer of that book, maybe I can be an addendum...

feels like I got some Slashdot Campaign Medal or something!