August 17, 2005


Is doing pretty well in the '08 polling:
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a surprising top choice for president among Iowa Republicans, according to a poll to be released today — more than two years before the state's first-in-the-nation caucuses.

Among 400 Republicans who said they are likely to attend the 2008 caucuses, Rice received the backing of 30.3 percent. U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona was second in the survey with 16 percent, and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani received support from 15.3 percent. Roughly 20 percent were undecided.

Very high numbers!


Too Many Jims said...

They love her as long as they don't know where she stands on issues of import to them (or she agrees with them on those issues). If she is a "social moderate" as many people have suggested, there is little to no chance she can be the republican nominee, just as there is little to no chance that McCain or Giuliani could be the nominee.

Contributors said...

Jim: I think in normal circumstances you'd certainly be correct but we right wing extremists are already sweating the loss of Bush and his refusal to budge in this war.

Finding a replacement equally unfazed by the lunatic left and their allies in the media when it comes to the WOT will be priority #1.

Moderation on social issues is nowhere near what it was.

Like Vietnam, we can only lose this war at home and a pro-life waffler in the WH wringing their hands over what the NYT's or Ted Koppel thinks of them is a lot scarier than a rock who's pro-choice and understands this is WWIII, civilization itself is on the line, and the enemy at home who wants us to lose so they can regain power is just as insidious as the one abroad.

I'm voting for Condi or Rudy. Preferrably Condi. I may not agree with them but they get it when it comes to the WOT. That's all I care about.

Unknown said...

Each of this top three is better than President Bush.

I'm still waiting for the nice new glassy parking lot where Pyongyang used to be.

Chris said...

That proceeds from the assumption that Republican primary voters are all bible thumpers who want to keep women barefoot and ban the teaching of evolution. Trust me, we're far more desirous of victory in 2008 than to make things easy for Hillary by nominating some freak show like Tom ("Let's Nuke Mecca!") Tancredo or another blow dried haircut like George Allen.

Just because some idiot Republican wants to engage in gay bashing doesn't mean we're going to nominate him. There are a lot of myths that Democrats believe about Republicans that allow Republicans to beat Democrats in election after election. It's why they're the minority party now.

I strongly suspect that Rice's positions on 2nd Amendment, "moderately" pro-choice, and international affairs are far more widely known than you suspect. The NRA folks love her. And just to fill you in-it's RKBA, not abortion, that holds the Republican Party together. You can be for some restrictions on abortion rights as Condi is (she's for a ban on partial birth abortion, for parental consent laws, is a supporter of the Hyde Amendment, and is a federalist on abortion rights-she opposes Roe at last report), and get cut some slack by the base, but you can't be a gungrabber a la Rudy and win the nomination. It just won't happen.

The gunners love Condi. It's the secret that nobody has figured out yet. When she had that interview with Larry King last May in which she repeated her devotion to a rather fundamentalist approach to the Second Amendment, the NRA/Gun Owners of America boards went bonkers. They wanted to nominate her right then and there.

She didn't say those things by accident, and King didn't prompt her to say that. That's called paying attention to your base. Her base voters are firearms owners. McCain and Rudy haven't figured that out. Neither have the True Believers who can't score above single digits.

Freeman Hunt said...

I've had a Condi Rice '08 sticker on my car for many months. I want her in office enough that I would take time off from work just to volunteer time to her campaign.

Bruce Hayden said...

I, like many on the right, love her for any number of reasons. I would put myself socially fairly close to her, maybe slightly to the left of her on abortion, but close. Her absolutist 2nd Amdt. stand can't hurt, esp. given her reasoning.

If she can get a pass for her abortion stand, she would be quite dangerous for the left. My father, a life long Republican wouldn't vote for Mr. Bush this time almost totally based on that (he didn't vote for Kerry either).

One reason that I think there is a lot of enthusiasm for her is that if the Republicans were to run her in 2008, it would put extreme pressure on the Democrats, esp. as to one of their most loyal constituants - African Americans.

They have a hard enough time making the plantation meme work for her as the Secretary of Defense. It would be ludicrous if she were to get the Republican nomination. You flatly don't let the house slaves run the plantation.

My worry, and that of a lot of others, is that she is untried and unblooded when it comes to campaigning. Hard place to start - at the top. Eisenhower was able to pull it off, and she may be able to, given her renowned self discipline. But, still, it is a bad place to start.

Bruce Hayden said...

Sorry, Secretary of State.

Sloanasaurus said...

I agree with Jim on the social moderate issue. The democrats will have the same problem. If the democrats would have picked Liberman as a candidate. We would be talking about President Lieberman today.

It is possible that Condi could be a candidate for VP. She would be very appealing especially if the Republcians nominated a more traditional conservative (a governor perhaps).

Hillary's V.P. pick will be a total puppet. Hillary's real VP will be Bill.

Beth said...

I am eager to learn more on her social issues stances. I support some restrictions on abortion, but I don't want to see Roe overturned. I own guns, and strongly support the 2nd Amendment; I'm not willing to accept that all weapons and ammunition types come under its protection, however. But I was very moved by Rice's explanation of where her 2nd amendment stance comes from. The fact that armed blacks could protect themselves from white marauders was critical, and I'm only partially joking when I say that I think gay people ought to be able and prepared to protect ourselves as well.

I'm less saguine about her record with the Iraq war for reasons I've stated in the past, but whatever my feelings about whether we should be in Iraq and how we've pursued our goals there, I believe that our leaving now would have horrific consequences for the Iraqi people. We now are obligated to protect them, and to equip them to protect themselves. Whoever is elected in 2008 will probably still have to content with that, and I'm willing to consider Condi.

Jonathan said...

Her big weakness, as someone already pointed out here, is that she's never served in elected office. Indeed it's not clear that she even has an interest in running. She comes across to me as the kind of person who might disdain the grubbiness of electoral politics. She might be a good president, but she may not be the kind of person who can get elected. I suppose there's plenty of time to see what develops. Maybe her academic experience will prove to have been good training (as it was for Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey and other academics who successfully ran for office).

Kathy Herrmann said...

I agree with other folks that Condi would make a good Rep candidate. With the right advisors, she can make her lack of elective office a plus...especially to voters on both sides of the isle who are sick to death of partisian politics from long-term politicians.

Right now, the smartest thing Condi can do is nothing...and let grassroots support build. Doing so will heighten her image of a politician who isn't a politician (although she's quite adept at the art of politics).

P.S. I'm of the camp that Hillary has no real chance of winning the Dem nomination but wouldn't it be an interesting fight to pit Hillary against Condi?

XWL said...

I think the dream scenario for many in the GOP would be for Sec. Rice to run for President with the tacit understanding that Vice President Cheney would also be her choice for Vice President.

The constitutional term limit on presidents doesn't apply to vice presidents (or at least I don't think so, maybe a closer reading of the document might be in order before spinning this web of fantasy).

Vice President Cheney continuing in his current role would demonstrate continuity as well as signalling that despite her inexperience in elected positions a President Rice would have a solid presence in a key role to allow for a continuation of the key policies that must define the early 21st century if Democracy is to survive.

Also, regarding this particular poll, one could read the results as showing that those polled are basically conservative and they favored the candidate also perceived as being most conservative.

But, back to the hypothetical Rice/Cheney ticket, liberals would be foaming, conspiracy theories would spin out of control, and any attempt by Senator Clinton to portray herself as a moderate and serious on the GWOT would be undermined in the Electoral College by her own base (just as Sen. Kerry was).

knox said...

She got almost twice as many votes as McCain...that's huge! I love Condi and I am really over our congressmen--of both parties--at this point. I do not want to have to consider a McCain, Frist or Santorum. (shudder)

Aaron said...

I have a friend who is on a two year position at Stanford and she is apparently still a huge figure there. Her scholarship is apparently spoken of with hushed respect and despite having to dissapoint many on the staff there on different fronts she was largely well liked. Wouldn't it be grand to have a nominee who mostly shares your political positions, is extremely eloquent, can work with the opposition, and in one four year term (or even with a republican nomination) can do great things to remove the toxic residue from a racist past in all sorts of posative and constructive ways. She has my money.

Robert said...

This reminds me a lot of the Powell boomlet leading up to 2000. He was the favorite candidate of an awful lot of people--except for the fact that he wasn't running. And I really don't think Condi is either. I think she'd be a good foreign policy president, but her lack of political experience would make it tough to get things through Congress--no matter which party is running it.

MK said...

I'm still a McCain man. If he runs, I'm joining his campaign.

chuck b. said...

Duh, it's those boots she wore! The Republicans want to see her make Hilary get down and lick 'em! They want her to grind 'em into Osama's balls!

(I'm just kidding of course. No I'm not. Yes I am.)