July 31, 2005

"What are you, some redneck blogger pig?"

Claire just said that on "Six Feet Under" -- to her new boyfriend, who defended the war in Iraq.

UPDATE: Come into the comments to discuss the episode. If you haven't seen it, watch out for spoilers inside.

ANOTHER UPDATE: There's a nascent Television Without Pity forum thread for Ted, the guy Claire asked the quoted question. It begins:
Well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later. One HBO show had to have an out & proud Republican.

MORE: The Ted thread isn't there anymore, but it's nice to know that Ted went on to be a very important character, who was always respected by the show's writers.


Patrick said...


olivia1 said...

OUCH...them's fighting words for "usen" down here in Dixie.

Joe G said...

How dare she, insult pigs that way. Pigs are highly intelligent, hard-working animals, highly clean, fastidious even, and friendly to a fault. Honest.

Or were you complaining about the slur on blogging?

This reminds me of the Cat Food on Doonesbury thing. Only irritating if one takes it personally. I'm a blogger, but my neck is only red when it's been sunburned.

Also, I didn't support the announcement, prosecution, or conduct surrounding the war on Iraq, because of who and how and why, but that's surely not the point; we're discussing high Low Culture [sic] here.


Eh N.

Robert Holmgren said...

Defenders of old media expressing frustration. To them democracy is for the few.

grumpyTA said...

He turned out to be a such a nice guy! Very "ironic" twist, huh (you blogger, you!).

And what did you think of the episode? Wow.

Ann Althouse said...

Eh: I wasn't complaining, just noting that the word "blogger" was in the dialogue. Make of it what you will. The key thing, as grumpyta points out, is that by the end of the episode the two had formed a bond. And also, I note, the boyfriend really stated the case for the war pretty well and seemed much more rational and grounded than Claire. I think the story arc for the final three episodes will have her maturing with a connection to him. Or not.

Effern said...

HOLY &%$&*%$#^*%$#@*%^$@#*!!!!!

Are you having a heart attack, Ann? My wife needs CPR!!!!! (re: ending, spoiler alert!!!)

Ann Althouse said...

So Nate wasn't dead last week. He had to revive long enough to have that great Maggie-Brenda hospital hate-fest and to tell Brenda it was over. And now we truly know he's dead, because the white screen with the birth and death dates totally seals it. Nice touch with the drive in the van, with the hippie version of David, and the plunge into the pristine ocean. Where Lisa died.

Megan said...

After all the years watching this show, I gotta say, I felt very sad seeing that white screen with Nate's name and birth/death years. I know, he probably deserved to die, and it had to happen, in a show about death. But it was sad.

So, will Brenda get to continue raising Maya? Or will Lisa's family jump back in? Or will she go to David and Keith?

grumpyTA said...

Megan, my question exactly: what will happen with Maya?

I can just imagine Rico dealing with Nate's body in the next episode -- their conversations will be telling (or so I hope!). And, for the 50th time, I simply love the David (and co.) plotline. But I'll write more tomorrow...

Ann Althouse said...

The chances of poor Maya dying seem pretty high. She's always been mostly a plot device -- incredibly inert as a character.

Aaron - Free Will said...

*gasp* The "R-word" is OUR word. Coasties can't use it, the bigoted freaks!

vbspurs said...

You lot suck.

Whilst you're watching Six Feet Under, Al Gore and Co. are launching Current TV today, the latest installment in the "Air America" cultural wars that are ripping our country apart.

And when I say our country, I mean in the fevered imaginations of the coasties only.

Redneck Blogger Piglette

Wait that's too close to Wonkette. Ew. Make that..."Redneck Blogger Althouser".

Ron said...

you have to admit...that vbspurs puts the 'cunt' in 'contentious', doesn't she?

Yes, we're all enthralled by what Al Gore has to say! He invented the Internet!

vbspurs said...

Fine, see if I care if we lose the youth of America to Al Gore!

Although admittedly, that sentence would've been a bit less comical in 2000.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to watching silent movie hour on TCM.


Man said...

Yeah I was going to rant about the redneck blogger pig comment but the speculations on the next 4 episodes are too great to ignore.

Kathy Herrmann said...

The other telling comments were towards the end when Claire said goodbye to lawyer date (don't remember his name). It sounded like she would have left him in the hospital if the situation were reversed. So not only is he a redneck blogger pig but dependable and caring. And she now would wait with him. What a concept!

So yep, yep, Ann is right. Claire is finally growing up. Let's hope she still keeps her artisitic slant on life though.

Killing Nate off still shocked me though. Of course, the guy was a self-absorbed narcissitic whiner so, if a character did have to die off, better him than the rest of the family

EddieP said...

I'm jealous. I've never seen an episode of Six Feet Under, but I'd relish being called a Redneck Blogger Pig. Here in rural Georgia, that might be enough to have a road named after you. Maybe a dirt road, but a road nonetheless.

Scott said...

Aren't all roads in rural Georgia dirt roads?

Sorry. Too easy.