July 31, 2005

Visions from the Land of Mu.

Visit the home of Eddie Owens Martin:
Entering the seven-acre property, off a wooded, rural road, is surreal — it's as if you've walked onto an abandoned stage set for a sci-fi movie or some clown cult's hideout.

The main house and five other structures are painted in bright colors, with patterns reminiscent of a Hindu temple, or perhaps what a stoned Southerner would think a Hindu temple might look like. On walls, posts and free-standing statues, Martin depicted alien creatures that look like extras from a David Bowie music video.

The creatures — which Martin said were from Mu — have long, tendrous hair, almond eyes and knowing expressions. Virtually every part of the property is covered with wild patterns and images of strange beings — so much so that it is jarring to come across anything normal, like a refrigerator or table. Even the bathroom has odd designs on the walls.
I love stuff like this.


amba said...

In the brief glimpse I got before the article was replaced by the AJC's registration form (which annoyed me too much to register), it looked a lot like Haida Indian art -- all those eyes.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks. I think it's worth filling out the form for them, but I guess I should have warned.