July 11, 2005

"Screw Job, I’m not Job."

The Anchoress tells her story, struggles with her faith, and hears from many readers.


Uncle Jimbo said...

Wow Ann,

That was timely for me and apparently many others. I was sead in the middle of major problems family and other. I finished her piece with tears and renewal. I don't share her religious beliefs, but the wisdom, and hope in her story are universal. Thanks.


Uncle Jimbo

Mark Daniels said...

Thanks for linking to this piece. It's an honest and a mature statement of faith in Christ, which, as long as we're breathing here, is never without struggle.

I predict that this Sunday, many preachers will be quoting her. That's because one of the appointed Bible texts for this coming Sunday, Romans 8:18-23, deals with the subject of suffering and maturity of faith.

Thanks again!


Lars said...

A terrific piece. Thanks for the link. I was totally unaware of the Anchoress.