July 11, 2005

I love HBO.

Did you watch the new episode of "Six Feet Under" yesterday, the one where Claire belted a song about pantyhose to the tune of "You Light Up My Life" ("You Ride Up My Thighs"), where Patricia Clarkson drank red wine straight from the bottle and ranted thrillingly, where Susie Bright showed up and took part in a feminist meltdown, you know: the greatest "Six Feet Under" episode of all time?

And did you stick around to watch the new episode of "The Comeback," the show that makes me seriously think: Lisa Kudrow is my favorite actress?

UPDATE: Was that the same actress playing Vanessa's au pair in SFU and the linen salesperson in "The Comeback"? She's pretty funny -- good at doing a lot with a tiny part. Who is she?


chuck b. said...

Ah, Patricia Clarkson!!! Can I please just say Pieces of April?!


Can I say The Station Agent?

And I know you hated (or maybe pre-hated) Dogville, but I loved it.

Ron said...

Ann: Have a Romy and Michele Day!

Dirty Harry said...

Patricia Clarkson is an oasis in a desert of Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts. May she live forever.

"Entourage" is a great show as well. I've been watching 5 at a time On Demand.

henny said...

I actually loved Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf and in Mulan Rouge although you couldn't pay me to see Bewitched.

But back to Six Feet Under. Yes, what a glorious episode! Six Feet Under is so overwhelmingly dark, so these "bonding" episodes with a great song add so much. Reminds me of the episode where Claire and her art school friends get high and sing that beautiful song "I need you so much closer". Nice to have a similar moment but with adults, as this is the last season.

Barry "iPod" Johnson said...

So far this season is the best of the series. I have an issue with Clarkson's line:

"...Things happen for a reason - what a crock...and there's a reason George Fucking Bush got re-elected. Shit goes wrong because there's evil in the world..."

Other than the occasional anti-Bush rant, it's a great show.

chuck b. said...

I rarely watch 6 Ft Under but I'm watching it now on TiVo, and I esp like this seen between Particia Clarckson and Clare. Are you an artist? Indeed.

My favorite ep was during last season when the psycho hitchhiker kidnapped David and made him smoke crack.

Scott said...

I really hope you're watching "Entourage" as well, and not doing dishes or something at 10:00.

badger said...

The au pair from Canada (Donna) is Jayma Mays, also seen in Entourage.

chuck b. said...

Hasn't Entourage taken a dip? Jeremy Piven owns that show, and the writers made him jokey this season. I don't like it like that.

I didn't connect the babysitter to the linen landy, but I thought the babysitter might have been the same person who played the lead in an awful movie called May, so I looked her up and she isn't. The babysitter, Donna, was played by someone named Jayma Mays.

Elizabeth said...

The scene where the friends sang "Calling All Angels" and Ruth started the lovely soprano counterpoint was wonderful as well. It made me think how much I wish I shared more music with my friends. I used to sing more, just to be singing. This is one thing I like about SFU; with all the darkness, it still often manages to touch upon small, common human needs and expressions.