July 1, 2005

More than 12,000 Bangladeshi children are needlessly blind.

Here are some nice pictures of ones who have had their sight restored.


LDM said...

Yea! Though blind beggar-boys shoes do'th make
regard'th ye not old Sam Walton a rake
verily American consumers be'th on the take
Woe! They pay'th now higher prices for vision's sake
Alas! a surgeon's scalpel consumer's consumption do'th slake

ronin1516 said...

LDM - what the hell are you talking about. Trust me, I grew up in that part of the world till I was 18 - and Sam Walton or the "corporations" have nothing to do with these kids being blind. It is just t hat folks , especially rural areas just have no concept fo what modern medicine can do, so, they never think that their kids can be helped. Plus, add to that, that the Govet there at Dhaka is incompetent, corrupt as any third-world tin-pot dictatorship can be, so, kids go hungry and other kids go blind.

Noumenon said...

Another blindness problem correctable by surgery: trachoma. But it's easier just to donate to WaterAid.

(end driveby plug)

Goesh said...

Ronon - I've had some dealings with that LDM - he is quite mad. He is suggesting that blind children would be easier to exploit but since humanitarian efforts are reducing blindness, 3rd world merchandise will be more costly because non-blind children would have to be paid more. LDM has been shunned and banned from many, many blogs. It is best to simply ignore him. I think he has some real cheek implying that humanitarianism interfers with profit taking.