July 1, 2005

A more profound manifestation of the Parisian.

Originally uploaded by John Cohen.
I like the way John captured multiple crosses in this image.

(Click to enlarge.)


leeontheroad said...

That is a good photo. I can't tell where it is, though; and I'm curious. (I was sorry not to see any of the interior of Saint Chapelle.)

Interesting to me about Paris is how lovingly, really, the city's religious architecture is maintained; but it is a profoundly secular city-- if worship service attendance is a guide. (And, meanwhile, the ceiling in Chartres is falling down. . . )

Ann Althouse said...

My son, who's having trouble getting his Blogger password to work (something about Paris?) writes:

"Thanks for your comments, Lee. I took this photo during our tour of the Cour de Cassation, the French equivalent of the U.S. Supreme Court."