July 1, 2005

"Find your own 'Let there be'!"

RLC pictures a school for gods -- "divinity school" -- with the gods-in-training working on the intelligent life assignment.
“They’re flexible, see? They don’t do anything all that well, they’re not committed to any one thing, so they can do anything. It suddenly occurred to me -- don’t think about where they come from, think about where they’re going. Give them less to start with, and they’ll have to hurry up and do more. And don’t make them all that intelligent, either -- that costs too much. Just smart enough to survive and spread. I think I can save quite a lot on the budget with this one, Sir, and plow it back into things like -- oh, I don’t know. Hubris."
Maybe this could be a TV show to replace "Joan of Arcadia."

1 comment:

bill said...

Perhaps we could make it an "Odd Couple" type show with Twain's Satan and C. S. Lewis' Screwtape.

Or maybe an "Office Space" with bickering angels and demigods.

Yeah, I'd watch that.