July 1, 2005

At the TV studio.

I like seeing the inside of a TV studio. Spacious, colorful, full of cables and equipment, with an exuberant, well-lit set at one end:

At the WISC-TV studio.

At the WISC-TV studio.

Take a wild guess what we were talking about.


Ann Althouse said...


What I noticed about my appearance is that I shouldn't lean back in the chair at all. It is so easy to look slouchy on TV. I think one ought to sit as if the chair has no back. (And no arms too, apparently!)

You have to make quite an effort not to talk too much. You have to hold back and let other people speak most of the time, and you have to keep it short. As soon as you get one line out, you know you've got to wrap it right up. Not like class, where there are 55 minutes to fill.

Mark the Pundit said...

"It is so easy to look slouchy on TV"

The best case in point had to be William F. Buckley on his show Firing Line. They did a parody of him on the old Canadian comedy show SCTV and it still cracks me up.

Gerry said...

Midlife crises?

L. Ron Halfelven said...

Gerry's got it! You wake up one morning and ask yourself, What have I got to show for 24 years on the Supreme Court? A balancing test here, a "reasonable person" standard there-- who cares what a reasonable person thinks anyway? You want to base your next opinion on what a street person on a Sterno jag thinks! Live a little! Pretty soon you're slipping references to "Alien v. Predator (USC 21, UCLA 14)" into your concurrences just to see if the clerks will catch them, and every time you see Nino in the hall you yell out "Hey, Mr. Originalist! These are original equipment!" It finally gets to where they tell you they'll only keep hushing it all up if you agree to retire. So you do.

Ann Althouse said...

Paul: I'd like to see that movie.

Ann Althouse said...

Not Alien v. Predator, but the Supreme Court Justice goes nutty movie.