June 11, 2005

Idly shopping State Street.

Just browsing. And snapping. Let other people do the real shopping. I'm just noticing the scenery, hanging around State Street, here in Madison, Wisconsin.

Record shop.




Rick Lee said...

You were in a creative frame of mind today. Those are three great shots. I noticed you mentioned that you were waiting for someone. That sort of situation really lends itself to doing photography. If you need to be somewhere or you need to actually FIND something in the store, it destroys the "in the zone" mental state needed to look around and see good photos. The best "shopping photos" on my blog were all done while just waiting for my wife to shop.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Rick. Check out my new post. I was just linking to you.

Actually, the one in the middle was taken on another occasion, during daylight hours. The other two were done at night.

Waiting for someone to try on clothes is... trying.


B-Side is one of my favorite places to buy CD's. Did you purchase any music today, Ann?

Barry said...

Funny. I was in Madison Saturday. Spent the afternoon with friends on the Terrace and the evening at too many bars on State Street. (I guess we're trying to recapture some of our past. The words "I miss this place" were spoken way to many times by several of our group throughout the day and evening.)

The funny thing is, as we approached the Lake Street lot to park for the day, I was thinking, "I wonder what I would do if I came across Ann Althouse?" Looks like I missed you by a couple of blocks and a couple of hours.

What would I have done? Probably just smiled and moved on. Putting yourself out there online is enough exposure. :)

But thanks for bringing us a taste of Madison to feed our nostalgia, as well as the rest of your interesting posts.