June 11, 2005

Kids, don't do drugs.

Especially meth. For one thing, it'll ruin your teeth. Persuasive photo at the link. Also: tales of teeth that became "'little black stubs' too painful to brush" and a 17-year-old getting dentures.


Bruce Hayden said...

Scary stuff. Not sure if bad teeth or body order are best as being an early indication of meth usage.

I know, a lot of drugs are dangerous, but this one is really scary. When I was living in PHX awhile back, the cops there estimated that 75-80% of the crime in NW Phoenix was Meth (or Crank, Tweak, or whatever you want to call it) based.

The tweakers would turn almost amoral. If you can make money at a crime, they would participate. Identity fraud. Hot checks. Burglery. Counterfitting.

Oh, and one thing that says it all. (Tweaker) daughter of my former secretary had friends who boosted a car to get home after being bailed out of jail - for joy riding.

Bruce Hayden said...

Oh, I forgot a couple. This girls boyfriend (whom we spent six months getting locked up) also ran a meth lab (in a motel room). Eventually, he went away for at least ten, when he plea bargained to one count of a Class 1 Crime against Children.

Apparently, he and a friend were making kiddie porn movies of and pimping for a 13 and a 14 year old.

The DA threw in another 20 or so lower grade felonies just to increase the pressure a bit - much of what we had had fed them ended up in the complaint.

Guy may not make it out of prison though (alive). Obviously, life expectancy is lowered in prison for child molesters. But he also apparently sold the Mexican Mafia some bogus drugs.

JB said...

Another for the "Why I could never be a Libertarian" list.

Joe said...

Just imagine what the teeth of British meth users must look like.

Ann Althouse said...

Joe: Very funny!