June 16, 2005

"Did you find everything that you were looking for?"

I'm sitting near the checkout counter at Borders now. I notice they ask every customer that question. I think it would be funny if Bono were a customer.


Laura Reynolds said...

sometimes you can't find it on your own

Talya said...

Hahaha. What would he have done?

Unfortunately, celebrity rock stars do not do the shopping (as opposite to celebrity blog stars >;*). They should! Those words the employees HAVE to say would make for great album titles.

"Thank you for calling Domino´s Pizza. Would you like to order a Double Decker for $10?"

Or maybe not.

Hahaha. Nice post >:*)

Kathleen B. said...

I guess they have to require such repeated cordiality for quality control (maybe?) but it does tend to take the shine off of the moment. maybe I just like to really believe that the clerk cares how my shopping went.

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

What would happen if you answered "No"? Probably some employee would lead you on a wild goose chase around the store to find what you were looking for, and call other Borders to ask if they had it, and keep you there for fifteen minutes while he searched the computer, and you still wouldn't find it.

Ann Althouse said...

My biggest problem with the question is that I'm concrete and interested in literary allusions, so I always feel like beginning my response "I have kissed honey lips..."

Yogo said...

...and I still haven't found what I was looking for

Good one, Ann.

Ron said...

"Well...I was looking for love...but it must have been in all the wrong places."

"I was seeking the soul...of America. What's that, aisle 6? Thanks!"

"I WAS searching for a reason to live...I guess I'll have to go to Barnes & Noble."

"What's that Mr. Bono? Well, yeah, I guess this bit of street here in front of this strip mall doesn't have a name. Is that a problem?"

"Oh, these coworkers of yours AREN'T the droids I'm looking for."

Ron said...

The medical mary jane books? oh...removed already?

"Help me Obi-Wan Cannabis; you're my only dope."

DaveG said...

They always ask me that at Sam's Club too, and I always have to chuckle. I call Sam's IBC - Impulse Buy Central. The day I only find what I was looking for and not another $300 worth of impulse buys is a rare day indeed.