June 21, 2005

The candidate's face.

Do we instinctively know whom to trust?


Goesh said...

Anyone know a good phrenologist? Had the DNC employed one, they could have been forewarned of the emerging goose egg right smack on top of his John Kerry's noggin.

Richard said...

You know, I always surmised that Dan Qualye's main political problem was not his lack of intellect, but rather that his eyes were too close together. Because of this physical feature, his expression looked like uncertainty, like he was frightened about what would happen next. Like dogs, the press instinctively detected what it (incorrectly, at first) sensed was intimidation, and without really understanding why it wanted to rip him to shreds the deed had been done.

Slac said...

Nevertheless, an editorial accompanying the study suggests that looking babyish harms a candidate's chances.

Well that's interesting... because I remember a show on the Discovery Science Channel demonstrating that people found strangers who looked more like babies to be more trusting.