June 21, 2005

Are politics genetic?

Maybe! Are you just influenced by your parents, or is there something very basic in your nature that makes you lean left or right? A new study, involving -- who would have guessed? -- twins.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

My twins are not yet 2 and they've already been in two medical studies They're identical, so I'm hoping they might land a gig as the Doublemint twins. Their personalities are vastly different already, notwithstanding the shared DNA. They're inheriting Southern conservative from Daddy and Goldwater-raised conservative turned UW liberal turned Southern conservative from Mama.

Sloanasaurus said...

I have a sibling who grew up in the same house with the same parents. We went to the same elementary schools, high school, undergraduate, same law school. Yet, we are politically very different (always have been).

Perhaps my mother bumbped into the counter when she was pregnant and cause irreparable harm (Scientology poke: I should have Tom Cruise investigate)

Maybe genetics can explain why liberals generally don't join debating societies and why conservatives don't generally go to protest rallies.