May 2, 2005

Who put fake poison in my cyanide capsules?!!

Hitler's nurse, at age 93, finally tells her story.


Mark Kaplan said...

This is a fascinating article. I am now curious to find the entire interview. Thanks for the great post.

Meade said...

"Mrs Flegel added that when the Soviet troops arrived, they were well-behaved and advised her to lock her door."

Interesting to read that BBC article after listening to this on NPR just this morning.

Ron said...

"Vas es das?"

"Das es nicht cyanide! Das es roofies!"

"Eva, raus, raus, before the Soviet Army gets here!"

EddieP said...

I've always understood that Eva took the cyanide and that Hitler shot himself. Did he take cyanide as well?

Ron said...


I think he did both.