May 10, 2005

The tie-dye continues.

Last week I blogged about how it just might be eternally 1969 here in Madison. A crack about always wearing tie-dye led to a post with a picture of Tonya, wearing tie-dye. Tonya seemed kind of amused by the post, and perhaps eager to make her mark as a hardcore Madisonian, because she dropped by my office today dressed like this:


(And she was quite enthused about the new Dave Matthews CD.)


Josh Jasper said...

Wow. What a great smile she's got.

henny said...

I usually don't like tie-dye but Tonya can get away with it!

Ron said...


Tonya is being swallowed up by a black hole! And after all that good fortune escaping that Raptor attack! Flee, Tonya, flee, its crushing gravitational forces!