May 10, 2005

Fallen "Idol."

I can't provide the normal "American Idol" report because midway through the show, my cable service went dead. (I'm using dial-up to post this!)

It was a very emotional moment. Vonzell had just sung horribly, and Anthony was launching into his song quite nicely... and then, nothing! I'll have to read the Television Without Pity forums to get a sense of what happened. What a shame! The final four has traditionally been the key show. Ah, but I'm thinking Vonzell crashed-and-burned for some reason. They were saying she was nervous. Somehow, it seems, she lost her nerve. Or did she come back on Song 2 and save the day?

UPDATE: Did something quite pervasive happen? I see that my Site Meter went down to 16 during the hour when I lost my service (after being above 200 an hour all day and back up to 290 after that hour). I wonder how many people lost the show and how it will affect the voting.

I'm trying to get a sense of what happened from the Television Without Pity forums. This comment struck me: "Will it be a Tamyra week? Hmm! Well, if we must shock and awe, I say let's unload Farm-Bot!" In other words, Tamyra Grey left in this week in Season 1 and a big loss in the final 4 week has become traditional. "Farm-Bot" is Carrie, and the word seems to be that she was not so good on the second song. As you may know, I've long disliked her, and I thought she was terrible on the first song, the one that was supposed to be good. One thing about her is that I don't think she'd be that competitive on "Nashville Star," and it irks me that someone can make it this far on "AI" being the "country girl" when really there are plenty of country girls out there who'd beat her soundly on a solidly country show.


Larry said...

Carrie was great with both songs!


Carrie's first song was great, but her second was brutal. She's still the favorite, but I thought Vonzell gained a few points on her tonight. Sorry to hear about your cable service, Ann.

henny said...

I didn't see the performances, but I listened to them later. I thought Carrie's first song was awful! It seemed tough for her to keep up with the speed of the song and her voice was embarrassingly off in several instances. I thought the second song was a bit better, but the tone of her voice was too shrill for that song. I thought Anthony sang it much better. Bo is just sounding the same to me with everything he does. Vonzel was off on the first, but I thought she rocked on the second song!

Sloanasaurus said...

I thought Carrie was good in both songs. The judges didn't like her second song, but she had a different look which boosted the overall performance.

I disagreed with the judges regarding Vonzelle, I thought she was average in both songs.

I agreeed with the judges on Bo, he was average on the first song and good on the second. The second song was quite unique, one of the most interesting on the show so far.

I thought Anthony was great on the last song, even though I dislike him (dislike his performances) in general.

I think that Vonzelle will get kicked off.

jennifer said...

Carrie destroyed her second song. And, of all things, shades of season two: Anthony sang the same song. And kicked Carrie's to the curb.

Tamyra finished 4th. So did LaToya. Might it be that we will finally exile Barbiebot?

Matt said...

Blogger went down from at least 7-9 Eastern for extended scheduled maintenance. Hence, low hits in the 8 PM hour.

lal said...

sorry about the loss of service but you saw the important parts---
anthony was marvelous;vonzell was just fine;bo in my view did as well as usual (which for me was blah);and carrie was off tune for part of the first song. carrie will
probably get knocked off. anthony
was the clear winner this time.

Ann Althouse said...

Matt: Thanks for the info. I knew I couldn't post on Blogger but didn't know people couldn't get to the blogs either.

Lal: I hope you're right about Carrie! Though I kind of think it's unfair that Vonzell gets to squeak by on sympathy because she cried. On Television Without Pity, they're speculating that she was forced to change her song at the last minute.

Effern said...

Anthony was miserable. I have absolutely no idea what anyone sees in him. I suspect that if I don't "get it", I never will, but c'est la vie.

Vonzell will probably get voted off, although in the "ca mon already" category, Anthony has to get launched.

As Simon would say (and who knows, he might have), be honest: do you really see him as the next American Idol?

Yes, I'm embarrassed to even have an opinion about this show, but my wife watches it in the background so I pick this up via osmosis.

(And yes, who cares, everyone in the top 10 will ultimately litter the top 40 for the next several months.)

EddieP said...

I like Carrie, but her second song was terrible. Anthony's second was OK and Vonzell and Bo rocked on their second.

Must agree that Carrie probably couldn't win on Nashville Star.

David Manus said...

I don't know if its the time period you're talking about, but all the blogger sites (you, atrios, others) were offline for a couple hours last night.

Uncle Mikey said...

I'm no Anthony fan, but he sold "If You Don't Know Me By Now" better than Carrie, who I still think is a better singer than any of them. I loved Simon's comment that him doing that song was like Woody Allen playing Shaft.

And I don't like Vonzell when she's selling so hard, and don't trust her to be genuine. My initial reaction to her emotional outburst last night was that she was doing it for votes. After the second song she didn't do that fake smile, and she looked beautiful. Just stand there and be yourself, woman.

I did take exception to Anthony's first song, which seemed to be about a performer responding to his wife and/or kids' question "when you coming home, daddy?" with "never, so get used to it, and pretend I'm there." I suppose that's touching if you're dead, but kind of icky otherwise.

Patrick said...

Carrie couldn't have won Nashville Star? Please! Have you (and eddiep) actually checked out this year's winner? Yeah, she works a crowd better than Carrie, but as a singer she's just not in a league with Carrie (or Baby V or Nadia either, for that matter). I think that if Carrie decides to go Nashville (as, in my opinion, she should) she will way surpass any Nashville Star contestant ever.

Ann Althouse said...

Patrick: I admit I only watched the first season of "Nashville Star." The final two contestants were great. I think you're admitting that Carrie does have a very serious deficiency: she seems robotic. She doesn't touch us. We need to feel something. Ruben, Clay, Kelly -- all those people made us really feel something for them. Actually, at this point in Season Four, none of them reach me. It's just not the same without Constantine. Without Mario.

Patrick said...

Ann: Yes, Carrie does have a deficiency when it comes to emoting onstage (I've been calling her the Stepford Idol since way before Cowell picked up the meme). I think a C&W audience will be more forgiving of that than a pop audience, and that's one reason I think Carrie would be well advised to go Nashville. I also think Carrie is young enough that it's a good bet she'll grow out of the problem with experience. And even if she doesn't, other singers with great voices who left me emotionally cold have been quite successful (Streisand comes to mind). No, I'm not saying Carrie has a voice like Barbra's, just that the flaw we're talking about isn't necessarily fatal.

Yes, Buddy and Miranda from NS1 were probably the two best in the show's run, and Miranda evidently is doing well with a new CD. (Speaking of not emoting though, I can't say Buddy does much for me there.)

I'm officially hoping Baby V wins AI, both because I <3 her and because I think Carrie and Bo will both do better making their own record deals than being exploited by 19 Entertainment for the next year or two.

I've never shared your feelings regarding "Constantine the ironist"; the loss I feel the most keenly now is Nadia (imagine what she could have done with the Lieber & Stoller and TSOP themes). And I certainly agree that the absence of Mario is huge.

neo-neocon said...

Mario, now and forever! I miss Constantine, too, but the remainders are just plain boring, especially Bo. Does anyone else think he sounds a bit like Tom Jones, or is it just me?

Gerry said...


I missed this post due to being terribly busy at work and also trying to get back into blogging (which I had taken a few days off of, due to being terribly busy at work).

I've also been very terribly busy at work, but that's besides the point.

IMO, Carrie (who I love and you hate) was horrible on Tuesday. The first song she sang well for the type, but I hate the type. And she absolutely mangled "If You Don't Know Me By Now".

Vonzell stunk song one, did great in song two, but her genre just isn't mine. I had enough Donna Summer the first time around. I don't need a new one yet.

Bo's first song was boring. His second song was a performance of the Ojay's "Money". It was, as Simon said about Harold/Bo's audition, brilliant. As in I would go out and buy it brilliant.

As for the now departed Anthony, he's off when he whisper-sings, which he does at the start of every song. But now that he's gone, he's free to find an Air Supply cover band, where he can truly be himself.

I can't see Bo losing at this point.