May 4, 2005

That's it for Scott Savol.

And now, no more talk about whether the "vote for the worst" thing had caught on. (The "vote for the worst" website no longer exists.) A boring episode of "American Idol," whittling us down to four, with the sexes now evenly balanced at last. I'm glad Little Anthony didn't get cut. It was his birthday, and he is the youngest.

UPDATE: And yes, I watched the dreadful ABC "Fallen Idol" special about what they call Cragglegate over on Television Without Pity. The stupid thing about Corey Clark's charges about having an affair with Paula Abdul is that even if it's true, it doesn't make us like him. He's choosing to go public, clearly, to serve his own interests. He's trying to promote a new record, but he only gets publicity that makes us see him as a big creep. I think he wanted to be the sensitive boy, the victim with a broken heart, but no one is going to see him that way.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Poor Craggle! He didn't know ABC would stretch out his material for the entire hour and make the show all about him. He may have expected them to do what would have made sense to do: take a few short clips for use in a documentaryy that delved into many different problems with the show. The fact that ABC used this weak material for the whole hour seems to indicate that they couldn't dredge anything else up. The most persuasive evidence, by the way, was the cellphone Abdul seems to have acquired for Corey to talk with her and the phone records that supposedly showed calls between the two. But I don't trust TV news magazine shows when they wave documents about. Unless they get an outside expert -- someone with no interest in the network -- to verify the documents, I'm going to assume they are fake.

One thing about Clark is that he was summarily booted off the show when the producers found out about an arrest that he hadn't revealed. If Paula was really using her power to promote him, why didn't he get a pass about that little thing? One theory I thought of is that the show's producers knew she'd fallen in love with a contestant and had gone off the deep end, doing things that undermined the show, and they ousted Clark to cure the problem. But who knows? If anything happened, it's at least an error of the heart, a woman falling in love and doing foolish things like telling Corey he should sing "Foolish Heart" (which really was his shining moment). This was not the case of a powerful person using that power to make a deal to get sex from an ambitious young person who yields up his/her body to gain advancement.

There's more in the comments, including this, from me:
AI is best for its crazy inappropriateness. It goes without saying that I think Paula must stay. She's our girl! Paula, forever! There's no AI without Paula.

The idea that one jackass claiming to have sex with her could bring her down! First, fire all the male reality show and quiz show stars who have slept with contestants.


Larry said...

Thank you! There is justice, finally!

Anne said...

They had me hook, line and sinker with the twist that the guys on the sofa were actually the bottom two contestants. I think I even struck some sort of victory pose typically seen at sporting events. It was enough movement to cause my husband to lower his Bob Dole memoirs, anyway. So glad Creepy Scott is gone. I wonder if Paula found him sexy?

Anonymous said...

You are correct on your update, Ann. It seems that if there is a controversy somewhere, it's usually caused by someone with a new book/record/etc. Why do people fall for this? Especially an MSM outfit like ABC?

I agree with what Ryan Seacrest said earlier; this was a one-hour advertisement for "American Idol" on a rival TV station.

Harkonnendog said...

Scott and Anthony both stunk. But I think Scott might be able to have a hit single or two, with his every man persona. Anthony could maybe work in a Vegas hotel or seomthing. I'm glad Scott is gone but it is bittersweet. In fact I'll feel the same way about Anthony and Vonzell. Bo and Carrie are both great, and neither of them should lose. Either of them are miles ahead of Fantasia the Screecher.

Lindybill said...

Yes, we are heading for a "Bo and Carrie" finale, and that is where it should be. I am glad the voters didn't propel Scott any further. I feel sorry for him. He really will end up "parking cars."

I have to remember not to check your blog on Wednesday afternoons. "Idol" comes on 5 hours later here in the Islands.

Ann Althouse said...

Sorry, Bill. I shouldn't have put the name in the headlines. I'll avoid spoiling like that again.

Joaquin said...

With what I think are 4 legitimate finalists, maybe the AI ship will right itself. I certainly hope so.
If we can now get over the Abdul speed-bump.
Should she be back next year?? I say no.
Ann, you may want to post a poll and see how folks feel? Just my $.02 worth.

Ann Althouse said...

Dax: But a righted ship is boring. AI is best for its crazy inappropriateness. It goes without saying that I think Paula must stay. She's our girl! Paula, forever! There's no AI without Paula.

The idea that one jackass claiming to have sex with her could bring her down! First, fire all the male reality show and quiz show stars who have slept with contestants.

Emily said...

I also watched "Fallen Idol", frequently saying "I can't believe we're watching this" to my husband as if that somehow made it okay.

I want to know if Paula gave a cell phone to Constantine and, if not, why not.

Lindybill said...

I really like Paula and think the show would not be the same without her. Simon is critical to the show, but "dog" could be replaced easily. I can't understand him some of the time.

jult52 said...

Everyone I speak to loathes Paula and a prime topic of speculation is exactly what kind of drugs she has taken prior to airtime. I was hoping they'd replace her with Gladys Knight this season. Knight provided very good commentary last season and obviously is a great singer, so she has qualifications Paula never has had.

I think it's clear that Ann and some of the other posters here consider AI a complete joke and watch it solely for it's humor. I don't but it's an interesting alternative viewpoint.

Joaquin said...

"crazy inappropriatenes" is OK but "coaching" and shacking-up with one of the contestants doesn't fall under that category.
If it was Simon and Carrie I would feel the same way.

Ann Althouse said...

Jult52: You're right about Gladys Knight. She did the judging for "American Juniors," which I was crazy enough to watch. She is a way better judge than Paula -- and better than all the current judges at saying something articulate about music.

But it would just hurt too much to kick off Paula. Paula has always represented the stupid love we feel for singers. And if she fell stupidly in love with the ridiculous Craggle, we forgive her.

Pete said...

To touch a bit on what dax said. . .

Let's say creepy Corey's allegations turn out to be true. Would you feel the same way if it had been Simon sleeping with a young contestant? And what if Corey hadn't been removed from the show? Let's say he actually won and these allegations later came out and were proven true? Forget the sleeping with one of the judges - what about the extra coaching? Could that have made a difference with the voters?

That's what the problem is with this whole tawdry affair. I don't expect perfection but this kind of cheapness could, and should, be avoided.

Ray Mescallado said...

I'm assuming Bill Millan lives in Hawaii like myself. I've had the results show spoiled a couple of times by checking my RSS feeds but don't really mind. Usually I just tease my wife in a "I know something you don't, nyah nyah nyah" way.

The pathetic part about Corey Clark is that he alienated the American Idol fans who'd consider picking up his CD or book, but didn't attract people who aren't fans of AI and couldn't care less. So if he's trying to promote himself, it backfired.

Uncle Mikey said...

It's absurd to rip on Clark for self-promotion; that's all AI is, a promotion machine. They get as much mileage out of the special as he does, and to pretend they're not in it for the money but he is ("consider his motives" - please) is ridiculous. Ann's theory seems the most likely: that it's true and that the producers kicked him off when they figured it out. It was always a weak excuse that they booted him from the show because he lied about an arrest when Bo has a drug arrest and Scott a domestic violence one.

Using whatever you have to promote yourself may not make you popular with some people, but it is publicity, and if you think it's OK for Idol to make money off these kids but not for Clark to try to do the same with them, you're not being consistent, especially if Craggle's story is true. I know people who hate AI because it's cheap and silly but like some of the performers, and I think they're being just as inconsistent.

Harkonnendog said...

I've made fun of Paula for being high on air too, but it turns out she has
"Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), a chronic disorder that causes severe, debilitating pain."
So I won't do it anymore. (bummer, really, it was fun.)
I hope Paula stays. I think Simon Cowell may float the idea of dumping her just to kick up the publicity for the next couple of weeks. Paula will receive an outpouring of love, ratings go up, everybody wins!

Eric said...

I could never figure out whether I liked Scott or not. He was kinda creepy, but he was also the underdog, and I always like rooting for the underdog (my guy in AI3 was George Huff, for example).

But I am sure about two things. First of all, he had a more interesting and unique voice than anyone who is left, even if he couldn't always keep it on pitch. And secondly, with Scott and Constantine gone, there is no interesting personality left on the show.

Vonzell? Cute and boring. Anthony? Young and boring. Carrie? All-American and boring.

Bo? Well, he's the closest to being interesting, and I find myself hoping that there's a Greg Allman/Johnny Van Zandt ass-kicing Southern rock star luring beneath the surface. But the more I see him, the more I think that he's just someone trying to pretend he's an ass-kicking rock star, and that what you've really got is the guy who would play the lead if there was ever a Broadway show based on the life and times of Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Finn Alexander Kristiansen said...

I live in Phoenix. My local ABC news affiliate actually went to people's homes to interview them about Paula and Corey and get their opinion following the expose. I am sure, somewhere in the world, some real news was happening, but not here in Phoenix.

Some yenta twit was outraged and absolutely convinced that the claims were not true, and that Paula would do no such thing.

However, when you do have phone records, Sprint employees observing you buying a phone together, parents having talked to Paula, and numerous other sightings and incidents, you can be relatively sure it is true.

And what will happen? For one, lawsuit containment will begin, with Fox more vigorously investigating the allegations, and Paula likely being "released to pursue other interests" before the next season's shows.

You just can't have a person who is a judge that is so completely compromised, however much she is liked or shows enthusiasm. I would not be surprised if every contestant from that year is now consulting an attorney.

Oh Ann, you are a lawyer and I am shocked, shocked! at you. It is not so much the theoretical possibility that male reality show stars have slept with contestants too (thus warranting Paula our forgiveness). That is neither here nor there, and given the existing lack of evidence, irrelevant.

What matters is that in this particular show, the role of the "star" is one of being a judge of the contestants and an arbiter of outcomes. In Survivor, for example, the contestants themselves largely determine who stays and who goes, so Jeff is pretty much free to do whomever he pleases, and that is usually at shows end.

It is not so much Paula boffing a contestant, or the fact that maybe male hosts of other shows get their swirve on, but rather, the nature of the role she plays in this show.

It's like Clarence Thomas or O'Conner sleeping with and advising lawyers who have business before the court: "Just hit me up on the speedial or text me, and if a legal clerk answers, just hang up!".

Unthinkable!! Quel dommage!

Ann Althouse said...

Wizard: Even assuming law professors are lawyers, I don't apply trial court standards to aspects of life that aren't law suits. I wouldn't even apply those standards to all aspects of a lawyer's work. Quite aside from that, once AI is down to the final 32, the judges cease to be judges, and the viewers do the voting. The judges try to sway the vote, but they are often unsucessful influencing people the way they want. They are more part of a comedy routine than anything else.

Uncle Mikey said...

Paula should be dumped not for the scandal but because she's a terrible singer and an even worse judge of singing ability. Any number of good singers with good ears who are also nice could substitute and make the show better immediately. And it's childish and counterproductive of her to throw a fit every time one of the other judges disagrees with her. The show would be much better with someone else in her place.