May 5, 2005

Test message.

Blogger is acting up today with one of its most annoying problems: the blog turns into a completely blank page. You can still go to individual posts if you have the URL, but not to the main page. Posting a message -- as I'm doing now -- tends to cure the problem.


Rick Lee said...

You have about a hundred times more experience with Blogger than I do, but I'll share one experience. I had the "blank page" shocker happen to me once, and I hit "Republish" and it was fixed. Just FYI, if you haven't tried that.

The circus is in town today and I'm photographing elephants taking a bath at noon. I hope I get some good bloggable shots from that!

Ann Althouse said...

Hi, Rick. Thanks for the tip. Great blog!

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

I had the same problem yesterday, as you know, Ann, and your tip about reporting solved it for me. I had tried republishing first, which sometimes works, but it didn't that time.

BTW, Rick, I had a distant cousin-in-law named Richard Lee in Augusta, GA, a photographer, whom I've never met. Are you related?

Sandi said...

I found a permanent cure. I moved to PowerBlogs.

Rick Lee said...

As far as I know, I'm not related to that Richard Lee. There are several Rick Lee photographers around the country. One of them snuck in just ahead of me and secured Boy was I miffed when I realized that, not only was that domain name gone (back in the day when you could reasonably expect your name might be available) it was taken by another photographer! Geez.

I get asked sometimes if I'm part of the Lee family known as "The First Family of Virginia"... as in Robert E. Lee and Richard Henry Lee (signer of the Declaration of Independence). My first ancestor in this country was Samuel Lee, one of the hoards of Scots-Irish who came to Appalachia near the end of the 18th century.