May 17, 2005


My view into the gorge is not unlike everyone else's view into the gorge, but here:


That shows I'm in Ithaca.

The Cornell campus is beautiful, too beautiful to take the kind of pictures I like. I like when things are off or awry or in some state of decay.

Here's the view out my hotel window:


Here's the table at Olivia's where I had some eggs -- hot eggs, of course:


Here's the law school where my son is taking his last exam:



Cousin Don said...

Go visit Buttermilk Falls if you get the chance.

Knemon said...

I'm an Ithaca native. Your pictures are making me homesick.

Go to the Moosewood, in the Dewitt Mall downtown.

If you have time, take a hike in Treman State Park (about 5 miles SW of town off State Route 13).

I haven't been home in way too long ....