May 17, 2005

Campus graffiti.

I'm not endorsing the message or the practice of marking up things that don't belong to you, but I liked these:



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Kathleen B. said...

Is it totally ignorant to refer a Madison resident to an Onion blurb? oh well. this post totally made me think of this:
(sorry if it is too crude)

OAKLAND, CA—According to experts at the American Folk Art Museum, the billboard and subway-poster defacer known only as "Suck It" has entered his "phallus in mouth" phase. "As you can see, the artist has moved from drawing larger breasts on the lingerie models to depicting erect penises entering their mouths," said art critic Graham Kern, gesturing to a vandalized Victoria's Secret poster. "His Sharpie phalluses offer a stark contrast to the colorful hues of the ad, with simple lines recalling Henri Matisse's nudes." Kern said he has not seen such energetic lines since the poster vandal's "blackened-in teeth" period.