May 3, 2005

Doctors blogging doctor shows.

I don't watch "Gray's Anatomy," but here's a cool-looking blog -- love the masthead -- by a medical resident who's closely blogging the show. I like the professional carping: "And please, can we have a biopsy diagnosis. Since 'mysterious, very rapidly huge growing tumor' can’t go on a death certificate." And check out the blogroll: lots of medical blogs! (Now I have to worry if my doctor is off somewhere blogging about me!)


Joan said...

In my capacity as a semi-professional patient, I am a complete medblog junkie. I am irritated that Glenn has failed to post the Grand Rounds for several weeks running... which reminds me, it's Tuesday, and a new one should be up later today.

Medblogging is some of the best blogging out there. Of course, lawblogging is, too...

Joan said...

Let me clarify that I'm not irritated at Glenn -- I'm just irritated that I have to go looking for it. If Glenn got a link, he'd post it, I'm sure.

Gray said...

Just for clarification, the ABC show is called "Grey's Anatomy." Check out the official site:

I'm not sure how someone with a blog devoted to the show would misspell the name of the show. The show's name is a play on the medical book titled "Gray's Anatomy," adding to the confusion about the spelling.

This mix-up is probably something most people don't notice, but I notice because my first name is Gray (the American spelling not the British, which is grey).

Ann Althouse said...

Gray: that is really weird that ABC chose to spell it that way. You'd think they'd be partial to the letter "A" -- being ABC. For some reason, I've always found "grey" spelled with an "e" to seem drearier and sadder. "A" is a more cheerful letter (though I'm probably biased).

Internal Medicine Doctor said...

Well, first, thank you very much for the link Ann.

second, grand rounds do rock.

Third, sorry for the mis-spelling. My blog, by the way, is not ENTIRELY decoted to the show. Why don't you head abck there and check out the rest of it. And if I mis-spelled the title how about you try doing it afetr being on call in the ICU. I'll bet you won't win any spelling competitions either.