May 3, 2005

Drudge-Abdul mania.

Aren't there any "human fish-faces" (or "fish human-faces") that need attention? Drudge is boring the hell out of me with his interest in the "American Idol" scandal/nonscandal. And I watch "American Idol." (Hey, it's on tonight. Got to transfer my love to Bo. Wonder if Scott will finally screw up sufficiently to get booted. Will Carrie's hair be curly or straight? How much more can Little Anthony bulk up?)

UPDATE: At the moment, Drudge is running the rotating siren effect over the fact that ABC is going to show its special. Despite his overinterest in the scandal, Drudge can't correctly spell the name of the central culprit -- Corey (not Cory) Clark.


Dwight said...

Regarding Scott, I don't know if you've posted on it (or if Drudge has either, for that matter), but it doesn't matter how bad Scott does. See

Ann Althouse said...

Chrees: It's been in the comments. Actually, I find it hard to believe that people doing this are putting in enough votes to make the difference. The real voters power vote through the whole two hours. I can't believe people fooling around like this are into it enough to keep voting and voting for Scott week after week. I think it's more of a support for the underdog and an appreciation for the sweet tone of his voice.

Joaquin said...

I mentioned this on your CONSTANTINE SHOCKER thread/post of April 27. Kids are voting for the "worst" as the anti-idol.
Hey, don't search for the logic.

Ann Althouse said...

Dax: I just don't think the numbers are there for that to be the explanation. You can't rack up ten million votes on a game like that.

Dwight said...

Judging by the hit count at the site, I think there is enough to make a difference for now. If only 10,000 people did this and voted 20 times each week, it's enough to keep him out of the bottom 3 for a while. (Assuming the average votes per participant each week is around 5 million with 6 total participants, a quarter of a million votes could be significant. I'm being conservative here and haven't been able to find vote totals for the season)

At this point you don't need 10 million votes to influence the outcome. And as some viewers' favorites fall by the wayside, I would bet this activity will increase. As the number of participants narrows down and the average votes per participant per week goes up, it will be harder to influence the outcome this way.

Joaquin said...

Ann, I wouldn't be so sure.
Look, I hope that I'm way off but like I said last week, I overheard secretaries, support staff and paralegals that their kids and their friends were voting "anti-idol"
At first it meant nothing then I see the rise of Scott and doubts creep into your head.
As I said, I hope I'm wrong but if what I'm saying does become reality, it will be a huge blow to the entire show as it's credibility and innocence will be washed away.

Ann Althouse said...

Credibility and innocence? I'm a lot more cynical about the show than that. And I don't even "hope" the negative voting isn't occurring. I just don't think negative voters are going to be that numerous and persistent. But you've got all your office workers, who seem to be awfully spunky. I hope you're right.

Joaquin said...

Ann, I didn't watch the show the first season however; I have the impression that there was a certain innocence at the onset. You know, kid out of nowhere goes from zero to hero solely on his or her talent.
With everything that's transpired this season, I can understand you and everyone being more cynical.
It's another example of our culture continuing to successfully tear down the people at the top. If the ABC "report" has "legs", I have to believe that AI is in big trouble.

AnnsFuseBox said...

Is it any coincidence that the person the media is picking on happens to be of Arab descent!

Sure, it's possible it's all a coincidence, but with the hate-mongering, villification, and evangelical fascism out there, how can we possibly give the benefit of the doubt to any American institution.

We demand answers! Has ABC been infiltrated by neo-cons desperate to take down a high-profile and successful Arab?

I demand a criminal investigation into this slander! What about Simon?! What about Randy?! Why is the Arab the one under attack?!

Call out Cair! Call out the ACLU!



[Yes, that's a parody]