May 7, 2005

Are we ready to start blogging about the '08 election?

Or are we still too tired of presidential campaign blogging? Well, surely we're at least too tired of John Kerry. But here he is, begging for attention. Could there be better evidence of his lack of political skill than his failure to go away and stay away long enough for us to forget how tedious we found him last time? Even during the final months of the '04 campaign, he was always doing best when he was keeping the lowest profile. The strategy that won him the nomination was to hold back, seem adult and dignified, and wait for everyone else to scamper ahead and slip on all of the banana peels. The only way he could ever get the '08 nomination is for the same damned thing to happen again.


Joan said...

No, I'm not ready, but it doesn't matter. It has, apparently, already begun.

Dean said...

I wasn't even ready for the recent referendums and elections here in Wisconsin! I think there are too many elections and the reason some of them are poorly attended.