April 28, 2005

The Lord God bird lives.

Thrilling! A grown man breaks into sobs when he realizes what he has seen. Beautiful!


Tamar said...


One of my husbands was an ornothologist and would have wept to see such a sight. I wish he might be reading this.

Simon Kenton said...

The dialect version of the Ivory Bill's name is "Log God," which accords with both the muted southern pronunciation, and the behaviour.

Greybeard said...

1. All of us that wanted this to happen will be more comfortable when we know there is a mating pair.

2. Government, please, don't take an active role here!

Old Patriot said...

I saw a pair of Ivory Billed woodpeckers when I was out hunting, back in the early 1960's. At that time, I didn't know what they were. I looked them up in a book in my school's libraries. I was told unequivocally by the school's vice-principal that there was no way I could have seen them, because they were extinct. Well, Mr. Smith, here's a thumb in your eye!