April 28, 2005

The Hindu Disneyland.

Gangadham. I love it! Not every religion could be expressed as a theme park.


EddieP said...

Ann, I too love the idea of Gangadham, but I wonder if the planners really believe that 25 acres can actually support 50 million people a year? The original Disneyland was built on 270 acres and handled 49 million visitors in its first 10 years! I was there on opening day in July, 1955 and I believe there were some 30,000 people who jammed the place. Regards,

EddieP said...

My misread, it seems the plan for a special holiday in 2010 is to draw 50 million.

Josh Jasper said...

I want to see a large scale Disney budgeted Har Paw Villa (AKA Tiger Blam Gardens). It's a park in Singapore that has graphic sculptures of the various Chinese Hells, and punishments for sinning like getting thrown onto a hill of knives, sawn in half, drowning in a river of offal.

Actualy, perhaps we could get Tim LaHay to fund an American post Apocalypse version