April 15, 2005

"Academic work ... is so bloodless most of the time."

That's from a nice piece in the Village Voice about academic blogs.

Now you know why we academics blog: we blog for blood.

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Dave said...

The Voice article makes an interesting observation: professors who don't want to engage in the public sphere with we dirty laymen don't blog. Daniel Drezner observes a similar effect among "literature" "professors" who claim ignorance about Saul Bellow.

Saul Bellow is too mainstream these professors seem to allege, and therefore not worthy of scholarly inquiry. Likewise, those professors uninterested in engaging in the dirty masses seem (to this non-professor) to have an attitude that theirs is a higher calling, for which engaging with the ingorant masses does nothing for their scholarly pursuits.

If I were still in college, or in grad school, I'd find the professors who blogged to be the more interesting ones. Precisely because they seem to want to engage with people other than their own scholarly brethren.