March 3, 2005

Self-important director with a donkey problem.

Pretentious ass of a movie director Lars Von Trier has this to say:
"In my view the political and social content of the film is so important that it would be sad if it could be rejected or ignored merely by referring to the 'donkey problem', as it was called in the papers. You might say that this renders the death of the donkey in conjunction with the making of the film meaningless; however, you may still rejoice in the fact that it escaped slaughter."

Because of the ignorant press, I am diminished as an artist and the donkey died in vain!

UPDATE: This post led to this email exchange:
EMAILER:"Pretentious ass of a movie director" is a classic. "Dogville" was the worst movie I had ever seen.

ME: The question is why you didn't know better than to go see it.

EMAILER: To be honest, I went to go see it for the same reason that every other Manhattanite went to go see it: it was the antithesis of every mainstream Hollywood blockbuster....

ME: You could be a sucker for the worst crap in the world with a theory like that.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Don't miss Shiela O'Malley's anti-Von Trier rant.

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