March 3, 2005

"The Gucci revolution."

This is from the BBC report on the "Cedar Revolution" demonstrations in Lebanon:
Some people here are jokingly calling the phenomenon "the Gucci revolution" - not because they are dismissive of the demonstrations, but because so many of those waving the Lebanese flag on the street are really very unlikely protestors.

There are girls in tight skirts and high heels, carrying expensive leather bags, as well as men in business suits or trendy tennis shoes....

[W]hat has been fascinating to observe is how Lebanon's middle and upper classes have been woken from their usual lethargy by the assassination of Hariri....

After living through 15 years of war with amazing resilience, the Lebanese had pinned their hopes on peace.

They tried to put it all behind them, forget about politics and focus on making money.

The blast that killed Hariri devastated nearby luxury hotels, scaring off hundreds of Arab and Western tourists who left within hours, apparently taking Lebanon's dreams of economic prosperity with them.

But instead of packing their bags and emigrating, as they have done so many times before, in wartime and in peace time, Lebanon's well-to-do took to the streets in surprising numbers.

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