March 22, 2005

"Actress Regina King; spring handbags; bacon; religion and personal finance."

Normally, I don't TiVo the "Today" show. But today I will, and not because I'm curious why it's "religion and personal finance" and not "religion and bacon," "religion and spring handbags," or "religion and Regina King." Why present all those other topics unyoked to religion? Or is "Today"/TiVo just bad at punctuation, and we'll have to figure out our finances without divine assistance?

I'm TiVo-ing "Today" to see some media response to the decision in the Terri Schiavo case. I did not mean to become a Schiavo-blogger, but I wanted to write about the federalism issues, which led me to participate in the conlawprof email discussion yesterday, which led me to read the federal court complaint and write about that. Now, I've agreed to do a radio show, which is at noon today, so I've got to keep current with the discussion. If you're within earshot of Minnesota Public Radio, you can hear me on the "Midday" show with Gary Eichten. You can also live stream the show at the website. Arthur Caplan will also be on the show. He'll talk about bioethics. I'll be talking about federalism and separation of powers.

UPDATE: The timing of the radio show may change -- or it may be preempted altogether -- because of the need to cover a press conference about yesterday's school shooting in Minnesota.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Radio show done. Did any of my readers listen in?

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