January 12, 2005

What if you had to choose between saving the rain forest and escaping from a fascist prison?

It happened to Germaine Greer! The "fascist prison" was the reality show "Big Brother," which she decided to participate in -- not to get attention but to raise money to save the rain forest -- and can you believe the experience of filming the show turned out to be quite a bit more annoying that she'd thought it would be? I hate fascism, too. You know like when Sylvester Stallone's mother, aka Brigitte Nielsen's ex-mother-in-law, shows up unexpectedly.
Greer said that in contrast to her housemates, who entered the program to raise their profile and further their careers, she had nothing to gain.

"I was a little naive. I didn't realize agendas.

"I had no idea who would be in here, and it's wrong for me to present myself in the same context as they are," she said.
Yeah, who are these people?

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