January 12, 2005

Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, and me.

It's our birthday!


opiate9 said...

Howard rules.
But so what.

Maxine Weiss said...

You're an Aquarius?

They are very detached, and distant. Not very weepy or emotional.

Not very romantic, either.

They don't do well in marriages.

They make better friends than spouses. But distant friends, not clingy.

Highly inventive and original, but distant and detached.


Peace, Maxine

vbspurs said...

How classless, Opiate. Sheesh.

Happy Birthday, Ann! Many happy returns on the day.

I knew you were a Capricorn, like Jesus, Nixon and my dad.


Mark the Pundit said...

Happy Birthday!

Sissy Willis said...

Happy, happy. :-)

Doug said...

Happy Birthday, you share it with a friend of mine. She is somewhat like Howard Stern

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from a Cancer born in the Year of the Pig.