January 6, 2005

Snowed in.

It hadn't snowed all season, except for nature's desultory recognition of Christmas day with a pretty dusting. But last night, a foot of the stuff landed on us. Here's the view from my front step, in the dawn light:

Car fans can see that I still have my cosmic green Beetle, whose rounded contours go well with the rounding effect of a thick layer of snow. Here's the view looking in the other direction.

[photograph unrecoverable, sorry!]

The snow makes that Adirondack chair look upholstered.

I partly shoveled the walk, partly to make a path for pedestrians, and partly to try to find the New York Times. There was a rounded rectangle at the end of the walk that I just knew would be the Times under a layer of snow, but when I got to it, it was nothing at all. So now, I haven't got the Times to read, but I'm surrounded by piles of exams. I'm quite snowed in, because the street is not plowed, so it's a good day to plow through those exams. If I read with the thought that finishing the shoveling will be a break from the reading, maybe I will get everything done.

UPDATE: I don't know what possessed me to make me write "a foot" of snow fell. It was 8.8 inches. Still, that's a lot. And I did go out an shovel, after the street plows came through. Did I read the exams? Eh. Not enough. Still trying....

YET MORE: Haiku'd.

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