January 27, 2005

Li'l Greenie and Silvio.

Li'l Greenie was my car. And Li'l Greenie served me well. Many fun times were had, up until that last day, last Sunday. Today, when I got back from Fedjur class, there was a message on my answering machine, from my insurance company, and the woman identified herself as a member of the "total loss" department. That was enough to let me know my car, my Li'l Greenie, had been pronounced dead. All week he'd been on life suppport, over at Schmidt's Towing, but now the plug had been pulled, and Li'l Greenie was a soulless hulk. A tear came to my eye. Li'l Greenie gave his all and saved our lives on Sunday. So let this post stand as a tribute to Li'l Greenie.

My new silver Audi TT Coupe -- Quattro! -- is coming to me, over the ocean. He arrives on Saturday. A thrilling new relationship begins. My new car needs a name. I call him Silvio!

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