January 4, 2005

"I'll link to that"/"I'll drink to that."

These phrases rhyme, I note. One is a common expression. The other is a phrase I find myself saying a lot these days. I'm not opposed to drinking or to drinking to things. Yet you never find yourself saying I should be drinking more, but you might think I should be linking more. You might say to yourself -- or have someone say to you -- you're drinking too much, but you never hear you're linking too much, do you? On the other hand, you might well hear -- or even say to yourself -- you're blogging too much. Do you ever hear that you're blogging without linking enough? Some folks say the big thing about blogging is the linking. Maybe if you blog a lot without linking, people are going to think you have a blogging problem. Maybe it's like the way you can drink a lot, and no one will say that much, but if you drink and drive, they're going to feel they have to intervene. By the same token (the reversed token?), maybe there will be interventions for people who blog heavily and don't link.

UPDATE: Now if you find yourself blogging and driving, you really do have a problem. Drinking and blogging, however, is a classic combination.

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